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Visit their website: http://www.studiomacademy.com

For students looking to study art in some of France’s best student cities, Studio M offers a wide variety of programs in English such as summer French and art courses, a gap year or semester in the visual arts, and accredited degrees taught entirely in English. Students interested in a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication or 3D Animation can take courses in English while improving their French at the same time with weekly language courses. Students will have the opportunity to discover Montpellier, a lively student city with great nightlife, beautiful outdoor cafés, and beaches only fifteen minutes by tram from the city center.

About The Provider

Studio M is an international group of art schools with campuses in Montpellier, Lyon, Toulouse, and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The school specializes in arts, media, photography, and sound. Studio M offers many opportunities for English speakers looking to study the arts and French language. Recently, the school launched a new international campus in Montpellier called Studio M Academy to welcome English speaking students from around the world seeking to learn the arts and the media in France.

 Courses opened to all our international students:

Courses at Studio M ( Visual communication, Sound Design, Photography and 3D animation) will give our students the abilities of bringing exceptional value to creative solutions in order to be fully prepared to work in a professional environment. Studio M understands the importance of providing diplomas and degrees that are internationally recognised.


In the era of 2.0, it’s essential to offer our young artists further learning that’s fully appropriate to the modern day, to their future prospects and to the expectations of the professional world.

STUDIO M therefore provides e-learning lessons that combine theory with practice.

These video media reinforce the tuition given by the teachers and mirror the situations encountered by the students when responding to the requirements of partner companies and by photography students when they set off for a shoot.

The programme is specifically commensurate with the progression of an artistic approach or the learning of photography (for photography students) and aims to consolidate the skills that students have already acquired.

The students may consult the e-learning platform at school or at home in order to focus more closely on the concepts studied in class. This practical tool offers various advantages:

• Look again at concepts learned in class from a different angle to provide maximum comprehension and add to students’ knowledge.

• Train on a variety of software packages such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya and 3DS max.

• Work through the programmes more quickly and help those who are finding it most difficult to keep up with the others.

• Self-assess, using the MCQ provided on the platform.

Art students can use this tool to help them progress in specific areas such as comic book colouring, 3D and VFX. The lessons that are on offer take a close look at a wide range of techniques, such as academic drawing or perspective in landscapes and decors.

For their part, photography students can improve their skills in specific areas such as urban, animal or portrait photography. These e-learning lessons also cover a wide range of techniques such as the Levitation effect or flash lighting.

Finally, everyone will have access to lessons on desktop and IT tools that students must be able to master before they enter the working world. Lessons in basic law relating to their specific professions, such as intellectual property, are also available.


You may test our video lessons at any time: simply ask for your free demonstration account: www.studio-m.fr/ecole/e-learning


What’s on?

  • Students of the 3D Bachelor are introduced to the art of comics

    Students of the 3D Bachelor are introduced to the art of comics

    The 3D Bachelor’s students of Lyon have learned the art of comics during a workshop run by Julien Tixier.

  • Filming of a web series at Studio M Lyon

    Filming of a web series at Studio M Lyon

    The audiovisual school in Lyon hosted in its premises the filming of a web series under the leadership of one of its audiovisual teacher Steve Aleu. As a stage assistant for the web series GlandinG, he naturally thought of offering to host the filming to the school and for his students to take part of it.

  • Phenix


    Every year, students from the Montpellier school of audiovisual work on a project that they can incorporate into their book once they receive their diploma. It is time for the 2015/2016 promotion of special effect specialists to get behind the camera, to make the adventure a movie.



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